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About Corinne Gregory

Corinne Gregory
The ‘Civil’ Warrior & School Crusader
I’m an author, speaker, award-winning educator focused on social skills, character and values development for children, educators, and professionals. As the President and Founder of SocialSmarts, a nationally-recognized, schools-based program for building positive social skills,  I’m very passionate about improving the education system for every child, every teacher, every family.  While it may seem like a big job — changing our education system — it’s a necessary one, and one we can do, if we work together and insist on it.
My experience and message about the power of social skills and positive character have been featured on such leading media as The Today Show, CNN, Good Morning America, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post and many more.
For more on SocialSmarts and how we are transforming education, click here.

To book me as a speaker for your students, education staff or business, email for info and schedule. You can also learn more about my presentations, view testimonials and videos at


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