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Just released: Research Paper on How to Achieve More in Education, even with less

May 4, 2011

It’s a been a year since I completed this research paper. I spent several months doing my own research, talking and corresponding with experts in the education field such as Liv Finne from the Washington Policy Center, Jon Rochkind of Public Agenda, Barry McCurdy of Institute of Clinical Training & Research, and many more. I owe them, and the many other sources cited in the paper, my great thanks. What came out of it was an honest and direct look at one of the root causes of many of the problems facing education today — that of students who lack the social skills, emotional/character development and abilities to be successful in the classroom.

While the negative impacts of this problem are wide-spread, I chose to focus on only two specific areas: classroom productivity and teacher attrition.  The research paper is also specific to Washington State (my home state), but the information in it can easily be applied to any state in the nation, or extrapolated nationwide as I frequently do when speaking to education groups on this topic.

In the year since I completed the paper, I have spent many hours sharing the information privately and selectively to my local legislators, other education officials, and influential individuals.  I’ve been struggling with how to make this information more accessible, and it seems the time is right to offer it up to more public access.

You can read the paper’s Executive Summary here — there’s also an area by which you can request to download the full copy of the paper.  I welcome your comments and feedback on this critical and grossly overlooked area.

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