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Rudest city in America: congrats, you won?

January 22, 2011

Here’s a distinction you probably don’t highlight on your Visitor’s Bureau brochure: you’ve just been voted “America’s Rudest City” by Travel and Leisure Magazine, according to USA Today’s Travel section.

According to the article, there are plenty of people who don’t love LA.  It was selected as the rudest city in America, not the Big Apple as we might think.

Not surprisingly, a lot of the “top” rudest cities were also the ones that see a lot of traffic congestion.  Face it, people are not civil in bumper-to-bumper traffic. They get irritable, they get grouchy…they get rude.

I’m sorry to say my own Seattle ranked 16 of the top 20 “rudest” cities ranked.  Shoot, guys…can’t we take it a little easier on each other?

On the flip side, Charleston, SC is frequently voted as the most polite city in America.  I don’t know how that stands recently, but I’m lobbying for Seattle to work a bit harder on its manners so WE can turn that “impolite” ranking around. What do you think? Can we do it?

What if we all took a little mental chill pill before getting in our cars and consider that cutting someone off on the road really doesn’t shave ANY measurable time off our commute?  Or, when we get ready to board a plane, remember that we all leave at the same time?  We can even get proactive and remember to grace someone with a smile when we hold open a door — it may be dreary and rainy outside, but how ’bout we spread a little emotional sunshine?

It wouldn’t be hard. It’d just take a little more “outside thinking” as we say in SocialSmarts and consider others’ needs, too, not just ours.  If every city on the “Top 20” list took just a little time and made an effort, I’m sure we could all turn it around.

How’s this:  friendly competition for that “Politest City” award. We could arm-wrestle for it! <grin>

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