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Lindsay Lohan – What lessons are we teaching?

September 25, 2010

Ok, so another day, another arraignment for Lindsay Lohan. The actress was led immediately to jail yesterday after her court hearing on the latest violation of her probation.  This time, she was sentenced to a month in jail.

Only…this morning, she’s OUT!  Having posted bail, the actress was released from prison not even 24 hours after having been booked there.

While it’s predictable, you have to shake your head and ask “What lesson are we teaching here?”  Not just to Lindsay, who has just about done everything she can to show she doesn’t give a rip about other people’s rules, boundaries, or, frankly feelings.  Heck, when she failed her latest court-ordered drug test

she actually shared it with the world via Twitter!  How much more “up yours, world!’ can you get.  That was a full flaunt to everyone that the court’s rulings didn’t matter. It was an electronic flipping-the-bird.

By failing to follow through with its rulings, the court, too, is becoming a player in this dysfunctional game. Just like a parent who says “Don’t you DARE cross this line or I’m going to ground you” and then lets the child off again and again, the court continues to show Lindsay that there is no hard-and-fast line. That with enough power, money, attorneys and drama, you can pretty much get out of — and away with — anything.

Bigger than just Lindsay, though, is the issue that we are being taught that same “lesson.”  And, our kids who look at the young celebrities today as their role models and idols.When a young celeb so blatantly flaunts their bad and illegal behavior in public, and no one says “STOP” and means it — well, that shows us that the rich and famous are really in control, and as I said, when you have enough money and power…rules don’t really apply to you.

Do you wonder why so many our young people have such a self-centered attitude where all they care about is getting “more for me?” It’s the perfect insurance policy, isn’t it? Have enough and it doesn’t matter what you do.

How sad for Lindsay…but how sad for us, too.

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  1. September 25, 2010 2:36 pm

    Troubled US starlet Lindsay Lohan has bailed out of jail where she spent only about 15 hours for failing another court-ordered drug test, the Los Angeles county sheriff’s office said.The 24-year-old was led from a court in handcuffs on Friday morning – the third time in as many years !

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