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Are you an educator? Share your bullying experiences

April 21, 2010

With so much emphasis on bullying and school-based violence these days, we thought we’d do a survey of professional educators about the problem.  If you are a professional educator, we’d appreciate your insights and observations about bullying in your school or learning community.  We hear a lot about the issue as reported by the media but there’s nothing like getting the viewpoint of those actually dealing with it every day.

You can find the survey here:
It is open to the public so feel free to share this link with anyone you believe is concerned about the issue of bullying. The survey does ask for your email address, but it will not be stored and your responses will be completely anonymous unless you offer to share your contact info with us. We’ll still keep it confidential but may ask you for permission to quote or reprint if we feel it’s valuable to the greater community.

We thank you in advance for your help — you may play a part in helping a child or even saving a life!

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