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Ellen DeGeneres hosts mom of bullying victim on today’s show

June 8, 2009

I “happened” to catch a short part of the Ellen DeGeneres show today.   One of her guests today was Sirdeaner Walker, mom of 11-year old Carl Walker-Hoover, the Springfield, Mass. elementary school student who hanged himself after being bullied for months.

I applaud Ellen for highlighting the horrors of bullying. She went on the show to talk about her belief that character traits such as kindness and compassion need to be integrated into EVERY SCHOOL DAY in every school.  I had to jump up and try to contact her — Ellen, programs like this EXIST!  We’re here!  That’s what we’re doing, and it’s not just a good idea, it’s one that works.

As I explained in the email to Ellen’s show, the biggest hurdle is that schools think they can’t afford programs like SocialSmarts. But, as these two lives show — again — we can’t afford NOT to do it!

It drives me crazy that the media seems to highlight the problem and call for a solution — but then they won’t FEATURE the solutions that are proven to work. Maybe they just don’t know that these programs exist, they work.   Or, maybe there’s not enough wide-spread adoption because of misguided prioirties on the part of too many adminstrators or legislators.

We know the billions of dollars we spend as a nation each year haven’t done enough to stop school-based violence, bullying and harassment.  ‘Course, we don’t know much worse the problem would be without these mesaures, but I don’t think enough is being done.  Perhaps if someone like an Ellen or an Oprah (who also featured Ms. Walker right after her son’s death) would step out there and become a champion for the issue, more people would listen instead of just clucking their tongues and saying “gee, that’s horrible — something should be done about this!”

Something IS being done and it’s working — we just need more people to know and to care.

If we “can’t afford it,” how little must these lives be worth?

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